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Sin Cars – young, innovative, passionate – we are now only 6 years old, but we already have six models of Sin R1 crossing the world’s most famous and challenging tracks and roads.
Just a blink and the “sin” comes out of the turn, one more blink and you feel the immaculate power sweeping over you, blink again…the sensation of deliberate acceleration in the moment when the air is permeated by the powerful echo of the engine…
Combining the long experience in motorsport industry with innovative technologies in automotive industry, Sin Cars created the perfect symbiosis between the track and the road.
Only four years after the first prototype has been released, these cars could be considered as worthy competitors to the best brands in the world. This makes us proud to say that our road cars are at highest level in modern technologies and we develop constantly our design and production, implementing the best innovations from the automobile industry.
CEO of Sin Cars is Mr. Rosen Daskalov – an engineer, go-kart and motorsport driver with many years of racing experience. A lot of hard work, sleepless nights and years of research have resulted in creation of Sin R1, which now has already six modifications – both racing and road versions.
“There is no other car on the market like this one,” Daskalov said. “I was looking for the best racing car for many years…And I couldn’t find The One. This is how the Sin Cars ‘was born’.
Being always on the run, we love the high-speed experience so much that the road version of Sin R1 is far not all we can show to the world…The more adrenaline, the better the feeling, so comes the Sin R1 GT4.
Racing version of Sin R1 is already inseparable part of huge motorsport family in Europe and USA. Sin R1 GT4 and the newest version Sin R1 VTX had great success on the most famous tracks on the “old continent” and across the Ocean. Sin R1 GT4 is one of the ten cars in the world with GT4 homologation which gives us the unique opportunity to participate in one of the most exciting motorsport series – GT4 and we do it in the best possible way.
Two seasons already Sin R1 GT4 participates in European GT4 series conquering track after track and challenge after challenge. Our partners in North America – Racers Edge Motorsport has made a great debut in Pirelli World Challenge in USA with two cars Sin R1 GT4, leaving far behind all their competitors.


SIN CARS is certificated by TUV

carbon process SIN R1 carbon SIN R1
carbon process SIN R1 carbon process SIN R1


– Standard equipment included
– Manual qearbox with LSD and oil cooling
– Optional paddle shift or sequentional qearbox
– Weight/lPower ratio: 3:1
– 6.2 I, 450 hp, eiqht-cylinder middle-mounted
– Top speed: up to 300 km/h (186.5 mph)
– Acceleration 0 -100 km/ (0-62 mph): from 3.9 sec
*Price starts from €179 900 (no tax incl.)



– Manual qearbox with LSD and oil coolinq
– Optional paddle shift or sequentional qearbox
– Weiqht/Power ratio: 2,2:1
– Adjustable rear wing
– Special cooling system
– 71, V8, 550 Hp Eiqht-cylinder, middle-mounted
– Top speed: up to 350 km/h
– Acceleration 0-100 km/ (0-62 mph): from 3.5 sec
*Price starts from €199 900 (no tax incl.)



– GT4 Homologated race car
– FIA Homologated safety racing tubular space frame
– Carbon fiber body
– Ohlins 2 way Shock absorbers
– Adjustable electric power steering
– 6,2L V8 engine
– Maximum power: 380 HP (279.5kW) @ 5900 RPM
– FIA homologated fire system
– Dry weight: 1,250 kg
*Price starts from €154 900 (no tax incl.)



The R1 VTX (Version Tracday Xtreme) model is perfect for track day driver.
It has all the performance of a racecar, but offers a second to share the fun.
On the top of the GT4 homologated car we have added the following options:
– Two seat interior solutions
– Optional racing engine up to 700 hp
– GT3 inspired aero dynamic package
– With double amount of downforce
*Price starts from €174 900 (no tax incl.)



– Standart equipment included
– Manual gearbox with LSD and oil cooling
– Optional paddle shift or sequentional gearbox
– Weight/Power ratio 1:2
– Additional oil cooling
– 6.2L, supercharged V8, 650 hP, eight-cylinder,
– Middle-mounted
– Top speed: up to 350 km/h (186.5 mph)
– Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) : from 3.0 sec
*Price starts from €219 900 (no tax incl.)



– Based on R1 550 with added hybrid drive train
– Manual gearbox with LSD and oil cooling
– Optional paddle shift or sequentional gearbox
– Hybrid drive (up to 60 km/h city drive pure electric
– Total power 800 hp (depends on the power train combination)
– Dry weight: 1500 kg
*Price starts from €219 900 (no tax incl.)



Revolutionary street legal racing car
Choose your:
– Engine
– Drivetrain
– Body style
– Interior
– Powertrain options:
– Plug-In Hybrid
– Fully electric
– IC Engine


You can apply for an internship or a traineeship with us via different programs. We work with Erasmus and MON. If you have another program in mind, please write us a letter.
A Traineeship or an Internship will give you the support, skills and qualifications you need to move into paid work. What you learn will help you with your career in the automotive industry and motorsport. We aim to give you the best skills you need to get a job

What will it involve?
Sin Cars professionals will teach you and let you be involved in actual work. You will not just sit and watch, you will learn the whole process of making vehicles, which will help you later on.
We are currently open for interns in these departments: Carbon Fiber, Molding Details, Design and Marketing & Sales.

Job Vacancies

Industrial Designer / Mechanical Design Engineer
Applicants must have a keen interest in automotive and product design, and be able to generate graphical and presentation material of exceptional quality. The successful candidate is likely to have worked in Industrial Design or Automotive Design previously, however this is not essential, and demonstrating a design portfolio containing evidence of in-market product from at least one of the following areas – product design, interior design, mechanical design, vehicle design, is necessary.
This is an opportunity for the right candidate to establish an important role within the company and develop their career with growing responsibility in the team.

A creative thinker, concept generator, and communicator with excellent interpersonal skills and a track record of multidisciplinary team working.
Graphically exceptional, including rapid communication of ideas (from outstanding hand sketching, and full Adobe CS and CorelDraw), to proven 3D CAD competency (preferably Solidworks). Rendering and 3D animation software expertise would be an advantage.
Comfortable with hands-on modelling, general workshop model-making skills.

CNC Turner
– Setting up, programming and operation of universal lathe and CNC machines;
– Work on complicated details on universal machines to second grade accuracy;
– Perform turning profile, cylindrical, conical and spherical surfaces;
– Ensuring relevant documentation is complete;
– Ensuring equipment is maintained in good working order and faults reported immediately;
– Ensuring safety practices are carried out;

Skills and experience required for this position:
– Teamwork and organization
– CNC Turning experience is an advantage

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV, Portfolio, and Cover Letter to Marina Stoyanova –



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