We were invited in an evening party with a selected audience of enthusiasts, to propose a big surprise to the guests: the SIN R1 450, the frame number 1. Other star of the evening was a Renault Type D of 1901.
We owe this honour to BMW Pelras Toulouse, and particularly Grégory Corbière Director of BMW Pelras, and to Jean-Philippe Belmain Head of sales department and Florian who are, neither more nor less, the two big magicians of the evening. Sin Cars France thanks them generously.
These actors of the passion automobile leads the entity ” Legend Pelras “, which proposes all year round exception and remarkable vehicles, either in exhibition, or for sale. For the amateurs it is an absolute pleasure.
But the warm welcome of Legend Pelras does not stop in this magnificent evening. Seen the met success, Legend Pelras exposes the SIN R1 in its VIP showroom from May 30th till the end of June.
It is thus possible for all the enthusiasts to come to admire this extremely rare R1 450, positioned in a remarkable case, together with other beautiful exceptions.IMAG2513